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MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the United States District Court, District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands is to serve the community by ensuring equal access to justice for all by providing an impartial forum to resolve disputes in a fair, effective and timely manner pursuant to the rule of law.

Latest News and Announcements

Court Closure for Staff Development and Training - Posted: 09/05/2017
The District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands will be closed for business on Friday, September 08, 2017 for staff development and training.

2017 Guam Bankruptcy Seminar - Posted: 08/08/2017
The District Court of Guam is pleased to announce that the 2017 Bankruptcy Seminar will be held on Monday, September 11, 2017.

2017 Civics Contest Winners - Posted: 06/16/2017
SAN FRANCISCO – Young people from Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Washington have been selected the winners of the 2017 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest, an educational outreach effort sponsored by the federal courts.

2017 Civics Contest Finalists - Posted: 05/26/2017
SAN FRANCISCO – Preliminary judging has been completed in the 2017 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest for high school students in the western United States, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. All told, over 1,000 young people entered the contest, which offers cash prizes and a chance to meet some of the nation's preeminent jurists and legal practitioners.

Public Comment on Revision of the Civil Local Rules - Posted: 02/08/2017
The U.S. District Court, District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands is soliciting comments on proposed revisions to its Civil Local Rules.

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Latest Opinions and Decisions

1:16-cv-00014 Docket No. 16 - Posted: 09/08/2017
Manuel Alvarez v. Seahorse Inc. and Shao Walker
Decision and Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Plaintiff/Counterclaim-Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Counterclaims

1:14-cv-00013 Docket No. 34 - Posted: 06/30/2017
Obaydul Hoque Bhuiyan v. United States of America
Decision and Order Granting Defendant's Motion to Dismiss

1:14-cv-00028 Docket No. 41 - Posted: 05/23/2017
Hong Kong Enertainment (Overseas) Investments Ltd. and Kwan Man v. Thomas E. Perez, Secretary of the United States Department of Labor, et al.
Decision and Order Granting Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment

1:16-cv-00004 Docket No. 17 - Posted: 04/20/2017
Vincent Dlg. Torres v. E-land World, Ltd., Suwaso Corporation, Micronesian Resort, Inc., Roh, Jong-Ho, Seong Min Kang, Il Kyu Kim, Tae Ho Kim, Steve Hwang, Dennis Seo, and Does 1–3
Decision and Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Plaintiff's Motion to Remand, and Denying Defendants' Motion to Compel Arbitration, Motion to Dismiss or to Stay the Second to Fifth Causes of Action

1:11-cv-00022 Docket No. 137 - Posted: 04/06/2017
Derron Gerard Flores, as Administrator of the Estate of Donald G. Flores v. Mufg Union Bank N.A.
Decision and Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defendant Union Bank’s Motions for Partial Summary Judgment

More Opinions and Decisions