Local and Federal Rules


Federal Rules


Appellate Procedure
Bankruptcy Procedure
Interim Bankruptcy Rule
Civil Procedure
Criminal Procedure
Evidence Procedure
Rules Governing Section 2254 and Section 2255 Proceedings

Local Court Rules

Local Rules - Rev. 11/17
Admiralty Local Rules - Rev. 01/04 (as amended through 05/09)
Local Bankruptcy Rules - Rev. 04/19
Criminal Local Rules - Rev. 01/04
Disciplinary Local Rules - Rev. 01/04

Relevant General Orders

03/06/2020 GO-20-00001 In Re: Local Rules Adopting Small Business Reorganization Act
04/12/2019 GO-19-00003 In the Matter of the Amendment of the Court's Local Bankruptcy Rules
10/06/2017 GO-17-00004 In Re: Amendment of the Local Rules of the United States District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands
05/05/2009 GO-09-00001 Adoption of Revised Admiralty Rules
12/15/2008 GO-08-00003 Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I
10/12/2007 GO-07-00001 Order Amending Local Rule 5.2.b
05/31/2006 GO-06-00001 Order Creating New Local Rule 5.1 Re: Electronic Filing and Re-numbering Current Local Rule 5.1 to 5.2
09/21/2004 GO-04-00003 Order Enacting Local Rule 5.1.j - Information to be Redacted
09/14/2004 GO-04-00002 Order Creating Local Rule 41.2 - Presence During Trial Days
12/31/2002 GO-02-00001 Order Amending Local Rule 7.1
11/01/1999 GO-99-00002 Order Amending Local Rule 83.5c
12/22/1998 GO-98-00004 Order Amending Local Rules 7.1.a and 7.1.c (Motion Hearing Day and Due Days for Memoranda)
06/02/1998 GO-98-00003 Order Amending Local Rule 7.1.g (Motions for Reconsideration)