Local and Federal Rules


Federal Rules


Appellate Procedure
Bankruptcy Procedure
Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I
Civil Procedure
Criminal Procedure
Evidence Procedure
Rules Governing Section 2254 and Section 2255 Proceedings

Local Court Rules

Local Rules - Rev. 11/17
Admiralty Local Rules - Rev. 01/04 (as amended through 05/09)
Local Bankruptcy Rules - Rev. 04/19
Criminal Local Rules - Rev. 01/04
Disciplinary Local Rules - Rev. 01/04

Relevant General Orders

04/12/2019 GO-19-00003 In the Matter of the Amendment of the Court's Local Bankruptcy Rules
10/06/2017 GO-17-00004 In Re: Amendment of the Local Rules of the United States District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands
05/05/2009 GO-09-00001 Adoption of Revised Admiralty Rules
12/15/2008 GO-08-00003 Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I
10/12/2007 GO-07-00001 Order Amending Local Rule 5.2.b
05/31/2006 GO-06-00001 Order Creating New Local Rule 5.1 Re: Electronic Filing and Re-numbering Current Local Rule 5.1 to 5.2
09/21/2004 GO-04-00003 Order Enacting Local Rule 5.1.j - Information to be Redacted
09/14/2004 GO-04-00002 Order Creating Local Rule 41.2 - Presence During Trial Days
12/31/2002 GO-02-00001 Order Amending Local Rule 7.1
11/01/1999 GO-99-00002 Order Amending Local Rule 83.5c
12/22/1998 GO-98-00004 Order Amending Local Rules 7.1.a and 7.1.c (Motion Hearing Day and Due Days for Memoranda)
06/02/1998 GO-98-00003 Order Amending Local Rule 7.1.g (Motions for Reconsideration)