General Orders


12/05/2013 GO-13-00007 In Re: The Matter of Hours of the Office of the Clerk of Court
10/15/2013 GO-13-00006 In the Matter of Plan of Operation in Absence of Appropriation
10/15/2013 GO-13-00005 In Re: Expenditure from the Attorney Admission Fee Fund
08/29/2013 GO-13-00004 In Re: Disposition of Surrendered Passports
06/19/2013 GO-13-00003 AMENDED - In the Matter of Appointment of United States Magistrate Judge Heather L. Kennedy
06/12/2013 GO-13-00003 In the Matter of Appointment of United States Magistrate Judge Heather L. Kennedy
01/15/2013 GO-13-00002 In Re: Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968, as Amended. (Emptying and Refilling the Master Jury Wheel Under Public Law 90-274) and Establishing a Qualified Jury Wheel for Grand and Petit Jurors
01/04/2013 GO-13-00001 In the Matter of the Establishment of a Merit Selection Panel to Consider the Appointment of Combined Clerk of Court/Part-Time Magistrate Judge
09/14/2012 GO-12-00004 In Re: Redaction of Grand Jury Foreperson's Signature on Indictment
09/05/2012 GO-12-00003 In Re: Expenditure from the Attorney Admission Fee Fund
02/09/2012 GO-12-00002 Submission of Proposed Orders
01/04/2012 GO-12-00001 Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical Society Contribution
12/15/2011 GO-11-00003 Expenditure from Attorney Admission Fee Fund
11/22/2011 GO-11-00002 Disclosure of Sentence Recommendation
11/04/2011 GO-11-00001 Increase in Attorney Admission Fee and Certificate of Good Standing
05/04/2010 GO-10-00001 In the Matter of the Review of the Jury Selection Plan Submitted by the United States District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands, District of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, as Amended
05/05/2009 GO-09-00002 Sealing of Jury Voir Dire Transcripts
05/05/2009 GO-09-00001 Adoption of Revised Admiralty Rules
12/15/2008 GO-08-00003 Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-I
10/23/2008 GO-08-00002 Electronic Devices in the Courtroom and the District Court Environs
10/23/2008 GO-08-00001 Holiday Closure of District Court Office
10/12/2007 GO-07-00001 Order Amending Local Rule 5.2.b
10/06/2006 GO-06-00002 Courtroom Security
05/31/2006 GO-06-00001 Order Creating New Local Rule 5.1 Re: Electronic Filing and Re-numbering Current Local Rule 5.1 to 5.2
09/30/2005 GO-05-00002 Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules
08/09/2005 GO-05-00001 Courtroom Attire
09/21/2004 GO-04-00003 Order Enacting Local Rule 5.1.j - Information to be Redacted
09/14/2004 GO-04-00002 Order Creating Local Rule 41.2 - Presence During Trial Days
06/01/2004 GO-04-00001 Increase in Attorney Admission and Pro Hac Vice Admission Fees
03/24/2004 GO-03-00002 AMENDED - In Re: Reporting Requirements Under the Protect Act of 2003

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