Opinions and Decisions


05/10/2019 1:18-cv-00003 45 Reynaldo Atrero Manila v. Robert Guerrero, Jose K. Pangelinan, and Georgia M. Cabrera, in their personal capacities
Decision and Order on Defendant Guerrero and Defendant Cabrera's Motion to Dismiss the Second Amended Complaint
04/23/2019 1:19-cv-00004 2 Milan Fargo v. Federal Emergency Management Agency
Order Dismissing Pro Se Complaint on Preliminary Screening
04/12/2019 1:17-cr-00001-1 389 United States of America v. Muksedur Rahman
Decision and Order Finding that Defendant/Appellant did not Deliver Notice of Appeal to Saipan Prison Authorities
03/11/2019 1:18-cv-00010 46 Katrina Del Gallego Demapan, et al. v. Zeng's American Corp., et al.,
Decision and Order Denying Motion for Approval of FLSA Settlement and Motion to File Settlement Agreement under Seal
02/21/2019 1:18-cv-00025 17 Shirlene Loh v. Imperial Pacific International (CNMI), LLC.
Decision and Order Granting Motion to Dismiss
01/31/2019 1:18-cv-00008 47 Jesse James Babauta Camacho v. CNMI Department of Corrections, et al.
Decision and Order Granting Commonwealth and Official Capacity Defendants' Motions, and Granting in Part the Personal Capacity Defendants' Motion to Dismiss
01/24/2019 1:18-cv-00003 33 Reynaldo Atrero Manila v. CNMI Department of Corrections, Robert Guerrero, Jose K. Pangelinan, and Georgia M. Cabrera
Order (1) Granting CNMI’s Motion to Correct Misjoinder and Motion to Dismiss; and (2) Granting Defendant Cabrera’s Motion for a More Definite Statement
01/17/2019 1:16-cv-00015 95 KSA Corporation and Il Hwan Kim v. Hun Jin An, in his personal capacity; Jeong Eun Taek, in his personal capacity; Joann P. Hensley, in her personal capacity; Oscar M. Babauta, in his personal capacity; Ramon S. Salas, in his personal capacity; and Does 1-10
Decision and Order Granting Motion to Withdraw and Setting Status Conference
01/10/2019 1:18-cv-00022 15 Vincent San Nicolas Norita v. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Public Safety, et al.
Decision and Order Substituting CNMI for Defendants Evangelista and Patris Pursuant to CNMI Attorney General's Certification, and Granting Defendants' Motion to Dismiss
12/31/2018 1:18-cv-00017 25 Jerry Ray v. Vincent S. Attao, et al.
Decision and Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment
12/21/2018 1:14-cv-00021 131 Gary Ramsey, v. Esther Muna, et al.
Order and Decision Granting Defendants' Motions to Dismiss
10/16/2018 1:16-cv-00024 41 Milan Fargo v. Department of Homeland Security
Decision and Order Dismissing Fargo's Mandamus Claims
09/04/2018 1:13-mc-00061 55 DISCIPLINARY CASE: FOR PUBLICATION
In Re: Stephen C. Woodruff
Decision and Order
08/31/2018 1:16-cv-00022 98 Tinian Women Association, Guardians of Gani, Paganwatch, and Center for Biological Diversity v. United States Department of the Navy, Richard Spencer, Secretary of the Navy, United States Department of Defense, and James Mattis, Secretary of Defense
Amended Decision and Order on Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment
08/30/2018 1:17-cv-00012 31 Star Marianas Air, Inc., v. Commonwealth Ports Authority, and Does I-V
Decision and Order Granting Defendant CPA's Motion to Dismiss and Dismissing Complaint without Prejudice

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